Closed - Tester call for Crochet: Tiny Fried Egg

I need about 4 testers for my Tiny Fried Egg - Crochet ePattern! Please read the requirements below before applying. It stitches up in less than an hour.

Click pattern photo to apply:

Requirements are simple: make this pattern & post a journal with at least one picture of your finished project. You can use whatever yarn and colors you have on hand. It’s designed for worsted weight cotton but will easily adapt to bulky or fine yarns since gauge isn’t very important.

I will approve up to 10 testers and close testing as soon as about 4 projects are complete. Please complete within one week at the most. I’m not a monster-if testing closes while you have a WIP, just post a pic of your unfinished project and I’ll give you a few extra days. :slight_smile:

I accept testers with any karma level and will always approve at least one tester with zero karma to encourage fresh perspectives. Please only apply to test one pattern at a time.

I welcome questions and value honest feedback. Testers will be gifted the pattern. Thanks for considering testing for me!


Lol eggs :fried_egg:


I just applied, I ave wanted to test something for a while, so this will be a fun first time project lol!


Approved! That’s the great thing about crafting, you can always pick it back up when life allows. Hope you enjoy this pattern. :fried_egg:


OMGGG Thx soooo much, I am so excited to get to work. I will make a journal and pm you as soon as I get that pattern. Amazing, I really appreciate


I would specify how many testers you want because you typed both 4 and 10 testers.

YW can’t wait to see your project pix!


I’ll approve up to 10 testers, but in my experience so far only about half the testers who sign up actually complete the project in the requested timeframe.

Once 4-5 makes are complete with pix posted, testing is closed and test access to the pattern is removed. If you have a work in progress, I will give you a few extra days to finish up.

Testers who complete the requirements are gifted the pattern. :blush:

Hope that makes sense? I manage testing this way to encourage testers to finish promptly since my minis take less than an hour to make and I get a LOT of testing applications. :smile: Thanks for your interest in testing!




Approved! Thanks for your interest in testing, can’t wait to see your project. :slight_smile:


So cute! Would love to test

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Approved! Thanks so much for your interest in testing this pattern.


I would use super bulky (I have Bernat Blanket on hand atm)

I feel like this would be super cute in super bulky!


I love the squishy bulky projects, can’t wait to see how it turns out! Thanks for signing up to test.

Thank you all for your support and interest! Testing is closed for Tiny Fried Egg, but I’ll be adding bacon and toast for testing soon. As soon as the Breakfast Friends series is complete I’ll giveaway another bundle!

Two lucky shop followers won my Summer Fun bundle last month. Follow me for updates and chances to win free patterns from my shop. :blush:

Happy stitching!