CLOSED - Tester call for Crochet: Tiny Top Hat / Chimney Sweep / Leprechaun Hat (2 versions)

Update: test applications are closed for this pattern but follow for future testing opportunities & giveaways! Thank you all for your support.

I need testers for my Tiny Top Hat / Chimney Sweep / Leprechaun Hat (2 versions) - Crochet ePattern

Please only apply if you have time to finish by the due date. If you haven’t tested for me before, to increase your odds of being chosen for testing apply then comment or PM with a pic of the yarn you will use.

About 1 1/4" tall. No-sew/low-sew as usual. Designed in worsted weight cotton with 3.5 mm hook, but use any yarn and colors you like, I love seeing testers’ creative choices! Takes about an hour to stitch up.

Journal with at least one pic of finished project is due by 11:59 pm on January 8, 2024. Testers will be gifted the pattern upon completion. :smiley:

I appreciate your time and honest feedback, thanks for considering testing for me!

I greatly appreciate any shares, especially with links to my Ribblr shop. Unique patterns | suettle | Ribblr and tags on Instagram @suettle.

I’m steadily adding my extensive catalog of original designs to Ribblr and I’m creating new ones all the time! If you don’t see one you like, suggest it to me!


I would love to test, but I’m going back to school tomorrow! Happy New Year and good luck with testing!


Hope school goes well for you! Thanks for the time you’ve already given for testing. :smiling_face:


Do you have to test all three?? Or are they the same hat just slightly altered?

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Just one, they’re the same hat either with extra rounds & stripes or different embellishments. You can make yours any way you like.


@leaders please close topic, thanks!