(Closed)Tester call for Crochet: Triangular bow (version 4 of my bow series)

I need testers for my Triangular bow (version 4 of my bow series) - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

With version 3 testing underway I am calling for testers for version 4!

:star:I will be assigning testers on Wednesday Jan, 24th in the morning.
:heart:Please only apply if you are able to have it done and send a picture by Saturday January 27th at 11:59pm CST. I will be gifting the pattern to testers that have finished and removing them from the tester list Sunday January 28th in the early morning and publishing the pattern right after. (No extensions will be given, I have this pattern and 2 more to test and publish and want to get them done asap to hopefully start earning some extra money -substitute teachers dont get paid much and i have student loans to pay)
:orange_heart:A journal is not required but much appreciate. But please only put what you think of the pattern like if it is easy, if there was a part that was more difficult than the listed difficulty for the pattern, etc. Please dont put what I could edit like typos or row number mistakes, those should be sent to me on the tester group chat.
:yellow_heart:You can use any size hook and any type of yarn
:green_heart:Pictures of it on amigurumi would be nice but not required.
:blue_heart:I dont have a set number of testers I will be picking.
:purple_heart:If you are applying, comment with what yarn and hook you think you will use.

Thank you to all that apply!
(If i missed anything please ask in the comments)

I also have one pattern still in the writing process and one ready for testing probably tomorrow so stay tuned.


i’ll test!! im currently working on ver. 3 this very moment and will happily do ver. 4. one question, how’s it different? sorry to bother with a silly question like that it’s just very similar


Im in!! Love these!!!


I’d love to test! I’ll be using premier parfait chunky yarn with a 6mm hook :smiley: 🩷




Bow terrific.


I was wondering if anyone was going to ask that. Version 4 is slightly smaller than version 3. And version 6 is a similar shape to version 5 but version 5 is smaller than 6


I would love to test version 4. In love with all your bow patterns so far!


oh ok thanks!! yea i also saw ver. 1 and ver. 2 looked similar :slight_smile: XD


I would love to test this as a bow tie in medium or chunky black yarn :black_heart: with a 3.5 or 6.5 mm hook :heart:

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I would once again use crochet thread and a 1.0mm hook.

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I’d love to test!

Chunky bernat blanket yarn and 6 mm hook size, would love to test if still open!

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Its still open, I’ll be assigning testers tomorrow morning my time(cst) not sure what that is for others though.

I would love to test this pattern also!

Im signed up again!!! These are great!!!

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