[CLOSED] Tester call for Crochet: Valentine's scarf + bunny hood

Hi! I need testers for my Valentine’s scarf + bunny hood
It would be nice if you had a crochet Instagram, where you would post about it, but it’s not required. I want to use your photos of this scarf in the final pattern and in the posts about it. Please read the rules before applying.

  • Reply to my messages in the Ribblr group chat within 3 days, if you don’t do that you will be removed from testing
  • Make a journal, it can be just a photo of the finished product. Do not include instructions from the pattern in the journals
  • Finish by the deadline, if you notice 3 days before the deadline that you can’t make it tell me about it.
    Deadline: 31st of January
    This pattern uses 5 mm hook and aran/ dk weight yarn (whatever you need to meet the gauge)
    It’s on the beginner level.
    Click pattern photo to apply:
    (Edit: the interactive photo doesn’t show, but if you click on it you will apply to be the tester)


I would like to test its so cute. I have an insta but i havent posted anything on it but i can if youd like!


It’s super lovely! Will be possible to make it with other yarn size?


I think that would be a bit complicated because of the gauge, I would stitck with aran or dk weight

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I haven’t done much clothing before so this would be fun to test!
I don’t have an instagram but I am intrested :).

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Aww :sob: I would test but idk if I have time :sob::sob: yk what I’ma sign up