CLOSED Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Car Scrubby / Decor

I need testers for my Car Scrubby / Decor - pattern-Crochet ePattern

Testing rules are simple. Follow them and you will receive the pattern when completed. I may block parts of the pattern to encourage compliance. (that seems like a harsh word.) Just follow through.

It seems the hardest part of testing is getting started. It won’t take much yarn / tulle (you can use any for the test). It won’t take much time. So if you can try this in a reasonable amount of time, you should be added. I will pick testers tonight or tomorrow, busy day ahead.

I will create a group message after testers are chosen. Any thoughts, comments, issues, etc … should be made there. A private message would work also, but then the others can’t chime in on the solutions.

A journal should be created with a note about yarn type and hook choices and a final picture at the end of the test. Any other pictures along the way are fun to see.

Communication is key, always. Any takers?


That is such a cool idea! Make it out of polyester and you can buff the outside of your car with it,

Make it out of cotton and wash your car with it.

Great scrap buster.

I’ll test, won’t take but 20 minutes, additional minutes for blocking.


We use tulle and scrub the bugs off our car with it. But yes. I will add you right away. Excited to see if I transferred the pattern well. I will test it again myself, just because.

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You have been added to the test and message. Have fun.

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I’d like to test please


I’ve added you to the test and the group message. Thanks in advance.


Good luck with your test