(CLOSED!) Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Quaxly

I need testers for my Quaxly pattern! Staying on that pokemon train and making more friends!

Goal is to have final products completed with images sent to me by end of day March 11th. All testers would need to make a journal on ribblr and message me with any typos, trouble with the pattern, or questions/concerns. I will give a shout out for the pattern release on my instagram for all who complete the test and send me an image by the deadline!!

Uses worsted weight yarn, sc3tog and sc3inc, magic circle, and sewing different parts together. I made the eyes with needle felting but i encourage other methods if you cant needle felt (i.e. using felt pieces, embroidering, crocheting the eyes, etc)

Please let me know if you meet the requirements for the test - I will message those who are going to test tomorrow (Tuesday Feb 28 at around noon CST)

Crochet ePattern


Omg! Too cute i would love to test for you!


Cute, Good luck with your test

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Its so cute! I’d love to be a tester for this pattern :grin:. I definitely meet all the requirements for this pattern


Looks amazing and soo cute… would love to be a pattern tester​:heart:


I would love to test this good boy!!


Cute! Good luck with your test!

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Wow he totally looks like quaxly would love to test this for you!


If not to late I would love to try this, have been working on other pokeman. Have finished jiggle puff,Snorlax, working on pincurchin and teddiursa.

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If you still think you can finish by the 11th then i can definitely add you!

Yes I will start it today ty

You should be able to test it now!

Yes I got ty