Closed! Tester call for pattern-Crochet pattern: Susuwatari ''soot sprite''

Hello! I need testers for my Susuwatari ‘‘soot sprite’’ crochet pattern.

This little guy works up quite quickly. He’s only a little over 6" in circumference, so he’s a great way to use up your scrap yarn and stuffing. Other supplies include 15 mm googly eyes, hot glue, and pipe cleaners. I am hoping to get this pattern published by March 10th (before I leave for vacation) so the ideal tester can get it done by the 9th!

Give the Ghibli lover in your life the perfect gift to keep them company!


He’s cute! Do we have tobuse googly eyes or can we use others? If its any typenof eye then i would love to test for you!

Hello! I would love to test! This is so cute!!

Would love to test for you

You can use whatever eyes you prefer/have available! I’d love to see what you use! :slight_smile:

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Then count me in! Lol if still needed of course!

@Cookie898, @Kiiruna, and @Sammiecarper I’ve assigned you all as testers! sorry for the delay. I understand if at this point you can’t have it finished by the 9th or 10th, but I look forward to seeing your feedback after my vacation!

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I still don’t know how to close a tester call, and can’t find it in the Help Center. Can somebody please tell me how to close a tester call? Thanks!


I would love to test

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Hello I would love to test the pattern out tho I don’t have googly eyes

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You can just tag the leaders @NoKittenAroundStudio and @Karametra and they will close! I also edited the title so others know!