✨ CLOSED: TESTING CALL ✨: Piano Man Coat

I’m looking for 8 pattern testers for this fun Elton John-inspired crochet coat which has a piano keyboard motif along the lapel!

The pattern is a made-to-measure pattern, which means it provides detailed instructions to figure out how to use your measurements to create the length and width of your choice. The coat can be made as short and long as you want, and the pattern has instructions for two types of sleeves: one with a cinching strap like mine, and one with a ribbed cuff. The pattern also has instructions for making a coat WITH OR WITHOUT POCKETS, too!

Chosen testers must have :⁠
:musical_keyboard: Since the pattern is entirely made-to-measure, you can use whichever yarn weight and hook you like (but note that the thinner the yarn, the longer the coat will take, esp if you want to make a long coat like I did). For reference, I used 15 skeins of white Paintbox Yarn Simply Chunky yarn, and 3 skeins of black Paintbox Yarn Simply Chunky yarn (more info on the tester form and pattern itself).⁠
:musical_keyboard: All skill levels welcome, but experience reading patterns and with colorwork is ideal
:musical_keyboard: The testing phase will begin once all 8 testers are confirmed and added to a chat group on IG and Ribblr, and from that day, testers will have up to 2 months to complete the pattern, provide feedback and pictures of the finished project.
If you are interested in testing the pattern, check out more details on the tester application form below . The testing call will be closed as soon as the 8 testers have been selected.

Thanks y’all!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Uhh :weary: this is BEAUTIFUL!!! the urge to apply to test is strong but I have a tonnnnn of projects that need to be done in the next month for a local art/craft fair :sob:
I hope you get the testers you need and I’m SO looking forward to this pattern :black_heart::purple_heart::black_heart::purple_heart:


Awesome :notes::grin::notes:


thank you so much!


thanks sm!!


This is absolutely gorgeous! If I can finish my other promised testings in a reasonable time I’m so signing up for this xD other than that, replying so this keeps me in the loop about it! :smiley:


Sing us a song you’re the Piano Man
Sing us a song tonight!


@Alyphira thanks so much! Just to let you (and everyone else) know – I’ve received and confirmed 6 testers, and I plan to close the testing call by tonight, so if you’re still interested (I’d be accepting up to 8 testers, so there are 2 slots at most left!), now would be a great time. The testing phase will be 2 months from the moment I give access to the pattern to everyone, and I’m always happy to discuss extensions for people.


The testing call is now closed! Testers have been confirmed and contacted - Thanks to everyone that applied to be a tester!


This is awesome!


Thanks sm!