Closed! Thank you!

I need testers for my No Sew Pocket Pal! I’ll pick 3 testers tomorrow and would like it if you could do test it within a week.
Any yarn will work, just use a hook for that that’s and keep in mind that different weights will give you different sizes. I did you red heart, weight 4 for mine though - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


Good luck on testing. You’ll also want to include any yarn requirements, when/number/how of testers will be pick, due date and any other requirements (journal, for example).

I really like that color way too. Worked up quite nicely.


Thank you for the tips!


I applied and would probably use worsted weight acrylic yarn :smile:

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Ahhh so cute

Alright I applied cause it’s just too stankin cute. I would use worsted weight cotton with a 3.5mm hook.