Color changes in a round

Hello! I’m writing an amigurumi pattern that has color changes in the same round. Is there a way to mark somehow the sts made in a different color or do I have to use the chart?
Thank you in advance!


Hi @IwannaBeHara ! :purple_heart:
There isn’t a way to color specific stitches, but you can color the yarn names throughout the pattern via the materials page - You can do this without needing to use the chart feature - simply assign a name and color to your yarn in the materials page, and then every time you write the yarn’s name in the pattern, it will be colored with the indicated color. Then crafters can also select to view their chosen yarn color. You can watch this video to see this feature and learn more.


Thank you for responding so quickly! I’ve already done it this way, just wanted to know if there was another option.