Colour or Food?

y’all, what came first—- the colour orange or the food orange???
Answer: Food (≧∀≦)


The color

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mwahaha no more answer

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I say the food and im not gonna question myself too much cause its super confusing lol

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Main article: Orange (word)

The word ultimately derives from Proto-Dravidian or Tamil நாரம் (nāram). From there the word entered Sanskrit नारङ्ग (nāraṅga or nagrungo[25]), meaning ‘orange tree’. The Sanskrit word reached European languages through Persian نارنگ (nārang) and its Arabic derivative نارنج (nāranj).[25]

The word entered Late Middle English in the 14th century via Old French orenge (in the phrase pomme d’orenge).[26] The French word, in turn, comes from Old Provençal auranja, based on the Arabic word.[27] In several languages, the initial n present in earlier forms of the word dropped off because it may have been mistaken as part of an indefinite article ending in an n sound. In French, for example, une norenge may have been heard as une orenge. This linguistic change is called juncture loss. The color was named after the fruit,[28] and the first recorded use of orange as a color name in English was in 1512.

It’s kind of interesting; I thought the original name for an orange was “Chinese apple” (or “apple from China”) :thinking:

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The food. It wasn’t named yet.



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