Communicating with Designers

I’ve only tested a few and have some questions when it comes to communicating with the designers. For about half of the patterns I’ve tested (which isn’t a whole lot), I will DM the designer using the message ability when testing the patterns when I’m done. However, I don’t want to be a bother to the designers but am not sure if they would check the journal I make. While the answer may vary from different designers, how should I alert the designers, if at all, about the pattern? I always make a journal for the testing, but want to know if there are any additional things I should do . Thank you everyone, and have a splendid day.


As a tester, I’ve always had designers either have a group chat on instagram, or send me a message privately on IG or ribblr. I always just reply to that with updates.

I’m currently doing my first tester call and gave testers the option to reply to the group message I sent them or to message me privately with any questions, comments, updates, anything.

I think the best thing (if you aren’t told already) is to ask the specific designer at the beginning of the test how they would like you to communicate with them


Since designers have different preferences, I think it’s best to ask them directly what their expectations are :blush: I always make a group chat for my tests and encourage people to participate as much as possible! Some designers prefer to only receive notes upon completion.


I never think a message from a tester would be a bother, myself. The journal is a better place for the updated pictures.


I personally make the pattern available to all the testers. Then I usually wait and allow them to just create it in their time. I do not create group chats as some of my testers do not feel comfortable with that, and I like to keep my tester choices very wide in range. So I only really message them when it is the due date to ask how it’s going. I daily check my shop for any new journals, and when I do see a journal I’ll immediately gift them the pattern with the note “thank you for testing” then I remove them as a tester :slight_smile: usually it is nice to receive a message from the tester letting me know they have finished testing as I don’t get notified for some reason when people make journals, so I have to constantly look through and check :smile:


If the designer hasnt contacted me, Ialways just drop a message and can provide more photos if necessary with the pattern. I don’t think anyone would be unhappy with you doing so.


I want all the communication. I want every question, every hiccup, every typo. If you don’t understand it, I want to know so I can determine if it’s something I can help you learn or something I need to change.
I prefer dm, a group chat tends to get cluttered with side talk and I would like to explain my own pattern so i can nip a problem in the bud before anything has to be frogged because I didn’t see the question.
I am never bothered by testers asking me questions.