Communication takes many forms.

As with all of these online selling/crafting venues, and well as blogging. People will view topics, comment( sometimes) and move on. After a while you see the same folks, and maybe you have a connection, but it ends on the comment stream. How many of us go the next step to visit their shoppe & see what they have for sale.? Follow or actually purchase a pattern., or message them directly. There are many ways to support, If all we are doing is commenting, earning badges, then we not helping others shoppes, and are not supporting the “community” which is here. I know that we are all busy creating, & moving our hooks, lets also take a moment to visit and support. This seems to be a very special and communicatve place, Take the time, make the difference.


Good thoughts! Since I’ve joined in March of this year, many of the behaviors you mentioned above have been happening. One time, we even shared our wish list and secret people would buy a pattern for another from the wish list if they wanted to.
As in anything, you get out what you put into it. We have all kinds of people here, some who just look/ read and never say anything to those who say stuff multiple times a day.
All are welcome. :grinning:


It happens. I’ve had a blog for many years now also. Back then it was new and people took the time and effort to maintain their blogs, creative, post and comment. It was really nice. There was a sense of friendship/communication. When the newer venues came people stopped taking the time, everything was instant, move on. We lost something in the transition. You can’t and shouldn’t try to comment on everything, I think that is part of the problem. I’m always hopeful that things will return, but also I am a real about it, things are moving on, and there are all kinds out there., I have to find my place and work within my parameters.