contacting customers upon pattern change

@Ribblr Is there some sort of indicator on the other end to let a person know that the pattern has been edited? A lot of users choose to not get notifications, and possibly would not know that a pattern they are no longer actively using has been edited. I could see them maybe trying again if they knew there was an update, and there is certainly value in knowing there was an update to a pattern if you were in the middle of it.


Maybe a line could be added to the beginning of the pattern saying that updates have been made.


I was thinking more like an indicator on the thumbnail…I know for a fact that a few people have patterns they paid for that need editing and have been told that edits are coming and they can’t continue till that happens. It would be nice to be able to go to your library and see “update” on that thumbnail rather than having to open it and look.


That would be helpful. I think I would message them when fixed, but still. Easier is always better.


not everyone gets messages or notifications, a tag on the pattern would be the most direct way to make sure that someone knew


I registered your request and passed it on to the team for consideration to be added.