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I know most knit and crochet patterns have statements about selling items made from a given pattern, but I just started sewing and have to ask: are sewing patterns the same? If I use a pattern to make a quilt, a table runner, or a dress to sell, do I need to get permission from the pattern creator to do so? The quilt and sewing patterns I’ve seen to date haven’t had statements about reuse so I just want to be sure. Is there an established understanding about this within sewing circles I’m just not aware of because I’m new to sewing?

Any help is welcome. Thanks!

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Hi @LADyHD ! I believe if it doesn’t say anything on the pattern about whether you can sell finished items or not, that you should contact the designer and ask them if you can sell finished items :blush: An easy way to do this is to contact them via the help button in the pattern (this is basically the same thing you would do for knitting and crocheting patterns :blush:) Hope this helps! :heart:


thank you!!! :two_hearts:

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Glad I could help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: