Could the previous week's 'Lucky Sunday' post be closed before the current week is due to start?

Each week since I’ve joined, people comment on the post from the previous week to say “I’m in :crossed_fingers:” I don’t know if they then realise and put it in the current weeks post or… :woman_shrugging: Do they miss out on their chance to win that week if the reply to the wrong post?

Either way, the post from the week prior really doesn’t need to be left open for longer than a day or 2 after the winner has been announced. I just think it’d be easier if there was only one Lucky Sunday post open at a time.


I agree I feel for the people who don’t know and I think it would be helpful to do that even for me ! :+1::smile:


Thank you! we’ll attempt to close the topic. You can always tag us or @leaders if you see this isn’t closed.

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