Craft fair suggestions?

I’m trying to rent a booth for my (small) towns first annual craft fair in two months! I was thinking of cotton face/dish/cleaning cloths and winter hats in some kids and adult sizes (it’s fall here) . Any other suggestions for quick, sellable projects?? :sweat_smile:
Edit: I was also thinking heart appliques for something small and cheap available at my booth


Go for small Amigurumi, especially keychains, but even things like bees and octopi without a chain usually sell like hotcakes.

I make the small versions and sell them for $5,- locally and they always sell, even in our small town.


Definitely some small charms or pieces seem to do well! Things like amaguri would be very cute. if amaguri isn’t something your into definitely try things like pot holders and coasters. I know you can find cute easy patterns for fruits or creatures that could easily sell as charms, coasters, or any other thing you can market them as.

I’d also make sure that you have displayed your pieces so that they can be seen from afar. I notice that it is one of the biggest mistakes at the art fair I work at. Being able to see a few pieces draws people in. It makes them want to see more. Make sure you have an easy way for people to contact you if you usre interested in doing commission as well.

Have fun and good luck!!


Fingerless gloves are usually a big hit with teens/young adults. And can be made fast. Or some fast, chunky cowls. Boot cuffs are cool too


Just thought of something else. If you know how to crochet snowflakes :snowflake: with the holidays quickly approaching you can make a few of those for ornaments