Craft fair suggestions

Hi friends! I’m new to Ribblr & still trying to figure everything out here, but I’ve absolutely loved seeing everyone’s lovely creations.

I’ve been knitting for about 10 years now, and recently taught myself to crochet! I’m working on improving my skills & creating an inventory for a craft fair I’ll be a vendor at in the fall.

For anyone who has sold at a craft fair - what have been your best-selling items?


So I did my first ever craft fair about a week ago and I sold jelly fish they were priced at 7 dollars (please NO price shaming) and they sold EXTREMELY fast. I made them with softer yarn which I found most people gravitated to the softer items and bought those over the ones made out of other yarn like acrylic. Also the best things to sell are the ones that are the easiest to make but you can price for a good amount and still make profit. (Also if you want the jelly fish pattern private message me I just don’t want to be harassed about “you priced this too high”, etc.)


I think we get more of the “you price this too low”. :frowning: You have to learn what sells in your area. I make re-usable water balloons. Selling them this week at the local fair. Dish cloths / scrubbies are good too. Mostly, you need small items, to offset the higher price items.


I did a craft fair a few weeks back, and my best selling thing was definately bees (there’s a bunch of free patterns of them to choose from too!). I’d say my biggest tip is have items at a range of prices. What sells usually depends on where and when you’re selling, so it’ll likely take a few fairs to work out what sells best. Lots of luck, and have fun with it!! :smile:


At my market I sold out of bees and had 3 leggy frog keychains left out of 20. Priced at 12 for the bees and 10 for the frog keychains :]