Create your own groups + new spaces! 🥳

You might have heard that our new feature drop is coming this Friday!
One of the exciting new features we’re introducing is the ability to open your own personal spaces here on our community!

Click “spaces” (or “all spaces”) to the left to see a full list including the new ‘Personal spaces’ where you’ll find instructions on how you can open and run your own.
Personal spaces can be public or private - that’s completely up to you.
Whether you have an existing group you’d like to bring over to Ribblr or a new group you wish to open, we are here to help and support you.

We’re also delighted to announce two new spaces:

Tunisian - a space for everything Tunisian Crochet, a craft we love and are proud to support!

Testing Zone - a space for all designers to post pattern tester calls and for those of you who want to test patterns to offer yourselves as testers!

We hope you’ll enjoy these new features! As always - we welcome your feedback and support.
Stay tuned for more news this Friday :star_struck: