Creating a personal pattern

Hey friends,

Is it possible to create a new pattern on ribblr for personal use only? I have a few patterns I’d like to make, but I love the format on here so much that I’d like to be able to use the website with patterns not from a creator on here but also not something I have created myself.

Is this something we can do at this time? Not that the patterns on here aren’t wonderful - but I have some really cool vintage books that are a little hard to read. I’d love to be able to focus on getting the pattern inputted and then make it rather than try to translate while I work lol


Hi actually never mind I might have solved this. I opened a shop and will just not publish certain patterns.

If there is a better solution to this please let me know, but I think for the time being this is my solution :grin: :yarn:


That’s what I do when I want to write a pattern but keep it for myself :slight_smile: I just don’t publish it