Creating Patterns

Hello! I’d say I’m intermediate with crocheting as I’ve been doing it for a long time but only just recently committed more time to it. I really want to start creating patterns to share but don’t know where to start. Any advice on how to start?


I just started creating patterns, you will definitely enjoy it :blush: You basically have an idea and then bring it to life! I crocheted a lot of amigurimi before I started making patterns, and I found that basic formulas like the round one (sc 6 in magic ring, next round inc, next round inc, 1, and so on) are very helpful in making those ideas come to life-if you’re doing a pattern that needs length but still worked in the round, for instance, the slippers pattern I’m working on I chained a bunch and then worked in the round from that by crocheting on both sides of the chain. You should write down what you have done so far (in patterns) and make adjustments and improvements if they are needed. I hope this helps :blush: My advice to you is be creative and never give up! :blush:


So far I’ve only created patterns for items I had freehanded before but I recommend looking at patterns from other designers to see how they lay their patterns out etc. You can also look up templates on the internet. Than all you have to do is fill in the template :relaxed::heart:


I design amigurumi and I have a little sister who has a bunch of toys. So I took those toys and I drew them out on paper in simple shapes. Then I crocheted those shapes to the best of my ability and that’s how my amigurumi come to life!


Great tips here!

If you love using your phone we’d highly recommend using Ribbuild on the free Ribblr app and use it as a notebook to draft the pattern. You can write lines, duplicate/merge/delete them or move them around so you won’t have to re-write the pattern later. And you can also take photos, video and even audio instructions as you work!

We would always recommend posting a tester call prior to publishing so people can help you test the pattern :slight_smile:
Check out the testing tools for more:


Hi Izzy!
I actually have a blog written on how to get started with pattern writing, as well as a tempate you can use with detailed instructions on how to use it.
I’ve been writing patterns since 2018 and I know how hard it can be when just starting out.
Feel free to check it out at :slight_smile:


I have made a couple patterns myself and what I can say is if it is an Amigurumi pattern you can look at the pattern and you can see there universal. But for the other types of pattern using graphed paper can help as well!