Crochet Auction Recommendations???

Hey guys! Sorry, I know it’s been so long since I’ve posted. But I have news! My work is going to be featured in an auction held in February; my first ever, and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on what I should make! I’m planning to stick with crochet, and I’d like to stay in the realm of amigurumi if possible, but anything else is fair game! If you have an idea, please comment!
Edit: Something I forgot to mention is I’m only allowed to feature one item :slight_smile:


ive made a ton of amigurumi and auctioned it in my school
i think the best sellers were cows, ducks, and jellyfish
unlike markets, i think people prefer bigger items in auctions. a turtle would be a good idea too :smiley: good luck !

Positive potatoes

i would aim for probably larger plushies, or maybe matching sets of minis! for example you could do eggs bacon and toast but all small sizes and sold together.