Crochet beanie length

How long is too long for an adult beanie with a brim? I was playing around to calm my nerves and ended up starting what could possibly turn into a beanie.

But without realizing it, i made it 14in long. I really don’t want to have to scrap it because I LOVE how the combo looks and I usually don’t make hats, so I think if i scrap it, I wont try again (at least not for a while) . IDK what else I can turn it into. I’m thinking it will be ok since i plan on turning the bottom up and making a brim, but now I’m not so sure.


I think I depends on what style you like when I made my dad a beanie he wanted the brim wide so I made it 8cm or 2.5 in wide and it looked alright but that was what style he wanted where if I made I beanie for myself I would make the brim smaller

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I might just keep going with it and if it’s too long, just turn it into a little bag or something and try again later. I folded it up and it’s going to be about a 4in or so brim if i keep it as a hat.

Its beautiful, how’a bout malibg it another 10" longer and tgen it will be a combo beanie-scarf. Best thing, scarf will be really warm & will hold beanie on.

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