Crochet Blabber Timeee Hehehe

i was bored so i made this topic to just talk on what we are working on and just life idk im just bored at this point


Hi!!! I’m working on a pattern test atm! It’s a cute little bag charm using the alpine stitch which I’ve recently fallen in love with! I’m doing a few other pattern tests between working on hats for my nieces and nephews. I’m making them all these cute little waffle stitch beanies in different colors!

What about you?


Weaving in ends to my mom’s birthday cardigan.
It’s taking forever :weary:

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So much props to everyone that makes clothes.


Gosh this is one reason I’m so afraid of making clothes haha! I hate weaving in ends, it’s literally the worst part of crocheting imo.


it takes so long and you always feel like your getting no where because there are so mny of them

So i’m taking a break from crochet bcuz these next weeks i am so freaking busy-
But I made a little heart bookmark for a friend, and I have an unfinished frog from a test that I need to finish (pattern from @Scarletskies if you wanna check it out, didnt mean for promo tho)
but does any1 have any small free pattern, amigurumi or not, that aren’t on ribblr? I’m looking for some