Crochet block

Have y’all ever water to crochet something then the second you pick up your beautiful hook and get prepares pack of motivation comes and knocks you out …HELP I CANT EVEN MAKING MY DUCK ORDERS CAUSE OF THISSS​:smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::mushroom:
Anywaysss……what are y’all’s fave yarn brands and store to shop at :cherry_blossom::mushroom::frog::mushroom::cherry_blossom: .


I really love Rozetti Lumen by Universal Yarn. Of course, they quit making it.
I love working with comfy cotton by Lion Brand for meditative crochet- blankets for example.
I like Bernat Velvet for amigurumi.
Still looking for a cost effective acrylic/cotton blend yarn tho.


Right now my favorite yarn is premier parfait chunky or bernat blanket yarn because I’ve been on a stuffie kick but I’m excited to get back into a lot of cotton, wool and acrylic with the holidays coming up. Favorite place to find yarn is my local Salvation Army as I usually find huge bundles for extremely cheap.
Good luck on getting out of your crochet block :heart: