Crochet Club /Outreach my Church

Hi everybody its been a while but im here. Been crocheting in the background. RAOCK and now with my church / Board members going to have a crochet club at my church to teach children/ parents and much more. Over the last 6 weeks its been put in place. For 1 week im unable to crochet or do much as has double wammy if 2 cortisone/ Anesthesia injections one in my right elbow(bone) for tennis elbow and pain then one into right elbow (the bone). So anyway i will have my own crocheting Outreach / Crochet Club. My Church Seventh-day Adventist Church. Everyone is so excited like where have i been hiding??? Hasn’t started yet as last minute things to get .little booklet with badis stitches now im looking forward to learning them. Ill let you all know how it goes. Well be crocheting things and giving out and it would have be awesome for mothers day to make gifts but its happy a dream ive had to teach and a ministry of sorts. I taught knitting and crocheting in Christchurch before 20am earthquakes another story. Ok i hope this is alright to share. Positive posts look forward to. And ill be teaching 8 to 11 year old to start and all the parents will learn to any pointers for this 2023 learning. Im aelf taught 50 years ago with books now im creating my own patterns fir worry worms, flowers etc etc. Im a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and we’ll be sharing Gods word with the hifts with little scripture cards. Yay. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Sounds very exciting… Sorry for the delays, but good luck with it all! And have fun!


Good luck with it all! I hope it goes very well, it’s such an amazing thing to do with your local (personal) community such as church :two_hearts: