Crochet pattern writing tips/advice

Currently my boo-beary pattern is in testing, and it’s my first pattern…A lot is going on w the body, yet I’ve used it 3 times without a problem…- Im starting to think It’s partly due to my clarity, or my inability to write a pattern :melting_face:
If anyone who’s familiar with writing patterns would like to give me some advice I’d really appreciate the tips!


some people get stuck and just guess when you have confusing instructions. When I see " (line instructions) repeat 4 times"
I always have to wonder “repeat this line 4 times total, or 4 more times?” because it never seems to say. Sometimes it can be the smallest detail but it can throw off the entire project. We also tend to “fill in blanks” when we work off our own patterns because our brains already know what we meant.
That is why we test the patterns before we publish them, and why the testers deserve a gift for the work they do.
I have a current group test going on right now for a HUGE project and there has been So. Much. Editing. but that is what everyone is signing up for, and what you need. Just be patient.


Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: