Crochet shocks

I’ve been crocheting for 6 years but only in the past 2 or 3 I got really into it. I’ve been crocheting a lot in public and in front of friends and family. I never expected it but I’ve gotten so many comments on frogging. When I start frogging something in front of someone they always are shocked I’m undoing hours of work and I understand that part. But some people we’re actually angry that I was frogging projects. Even after I explained why it would be worse to just leave it with the mistake or when it’s the wrong size. Some even keep giving me dirty looks for it every time, and try to convince me not to.

I’ve heard of people having to respond to “what are you knitting” when crocheting around people but I was never expecting this!

Has anyone else had to explain something that you didn’t think you would have to when you started yarnworking :sweat_smile:

Edit: these people don’t make me super angry, more like a mild annoyance and just really have me baffled :astonished:


Hahaha, I can totally see shock, but angry?? That’s just weird.


I think they’re just unhappy and angry people. I’ve never had anyone get angry with me before cuz I frogged something.


Haha, agreed


What‽ I couldn’t imagine what my reaction would be if people got mad or have me dirty looks for ripping out… That’s crazy!


What?! Um, no! Frogging is just a normal part of this craft! I’ve never heard of that before :face_with_monocle:


Right!! A couple people couldn’t understand even after I explained. If we never unraveled anything there would be so many projects that would never be finished and it would be such a waste of yarn!


Yes! Whoever they were, they clearly don’t know much about the art of crocheting! :woman_shrugging:t3: