Crochet Slump…

My crochet motivation is officially dead. I haven’t crocheted in a few months, and I’ve started to mainly focus on other crafts like bracelet making and diamond art. I want to get back into crocheting because it’s my favorite craft. Any suggestions?


I would start looking at other peoples creations to get inspiration, or maybe things you’re interested in making, such as fall themed things, amigurumi, garments, etc!


Maybe crochet something you can use with your other crafts? A pouch, basket… something for storage or to package gifts in?


Crochet is such a versatile craft, how about combining two interests and making crochet bracelets? I experimented with wire and bead crochet in the past with interesting, if not always wearable, results.
Or find some new crochet technique you’re interested in learning like Tunisian, Irish lace, free form motifs, etc. , and have fun playing around.
Sometimes I give myself “treat” crocheting. Not worried about making a specific thing, just mess around. I made these motifs years ago without any patterns, and liked them so much I mounted them for display.


make a pattern based off something you like! like a show or movie. or something you can take outside. I always feel motivated to make more things when someone compliments my crochet purses and keychains and skirts (:


I say just apply for small testing if projects . Thats what I do, and while it’s a little risky it forces me to crochet and I’m starting to get that spark back.