Crochet terms

So on my pattern it says double crochet(for English but when I contacted the designer it is supposed to be single crochet (for American) and I dont know how to prevent that from happening
Can anyone help?


Said it better on next response, sorry


I think you are saying that you got UK terms and wanted US terms…
There are several settings in your copy of the pattern that will change that, mainly the flags at the top corner.


Ok, it worked.
Thank you lots :white_heart:


If it doesn’t specify UK or US terms, I first check in the pattern’s stitch glossary to see if it jumps from ch to dc or ch to sc. That’s one way for me. You can try to contact the designer and ask him/her which it is. Or if all else fails, make a swatch using each to see what makes the most sense. I’d try to make a swatch somewhere where the stitches are maybe a little more inconsistent than say just sc back and forth for 47 rows then start your decs. If that’s possible. Most patterns come with gauge swatches to measure by these days, or should.

Hope this helps some.

Hugs, Valori​:hibiscus: