Crochet to cope?

I was wondering if anybody has any comfort patterns, I know it’s a weird question, but I just found out my grandpa has cancer and I need to crochet new things


Yup :+1: here’s a list of things that could help cope:
-flower turtle
-normal turtle
-mushrooms men
-Your favorite animal
-your favorite food
-favorite character from game/movie
-maybe make something for your grandpa, it would make his day.

I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa, I know this is hard but I know you will get through it, stay strong.


And I hope he’s doing well :heart:


Im sorry to hear that! Sending prayers to you & your family

I say crochet things that bring you peace. For me, I love the beach. When you look at the ocean you instantly feel better. Because at the end of the day, sunsets are proof that no matter how hard your days are, the day can still end beautifully :ocean::heartbeat:

Crochet ideas:

-Sea Turtle
-Little Crab

Maybe even smiley related things!

-Smiley Face pillow
-Smiley Face plushie


So sorry to hear. Maybe a snuggly blanket?


Sorry to hear your news

A temperature something - blanket, snake etc
Using his and your favourite colours combined


I’m so sorry about your difficulties. I find that repetition, one that doesn’t require of lot of concentration is helpful to quiet my mind.
I’ve made DC blankets that way. For example. Dc 10, ch 1, dc 10, ch 1 and so on.
So an initial small baby blanket would be 110 across to start.


I love making baby blankets.
I can’t handle huge projects, so small blankets help me.
Find a textured stitch, but not too complicated. (I love the bean stitch) Then, once you get started, it becomes kinda mindless. You can really get into a rhythm. Maybe find a good audiobook or some music you love. Use calm colors, too.

I’m so sorry to hear about you grandpa. You guys will make it through.


anything that requires a bit for focus than usual, depending on how you deal with things either a large project you can keep going back to or several small things that help as a feeling of accomplishment and something to snuggle.
I have what I call an anxiety blanket where I start making a granny square and I stop whenever I feel calmer. this means all the squares are different sizes and colors but its a neat concept.


I am so sorry to hear that and I hope you are all doing as well as you can be :orange_heart:

I find that things that can be put towards larger projects, and are not too simple to be best. If you prefer amigurimi you could work on things with lots of limbs and do one at a time until you find yourself calmer.

Anything simple with semi-frequent colourwork is also probably good as you have to keep track of what colour yarn you are using and keeps you focused even if you are making something simple.

I personally prefer making squares to go towards blankets to take my mind off of things. I either make granny squares with colour changes, or squares that have heart/star/flower centres (shown below) - these change colour and require focus on the centre shape.

Something I have also loved recently is making mini butterflies, for a garland pattern I am making. I am a huge Swiftie, so I have made eras-inspired ones! They’re super quick to make if you need like a 5 minute break from your thoughts!

Again, I am sorry about the news and I hope this helps :orange_heart::cherry_blossom:


So sorry to hear about your grandpa.

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big hugs and good vibes your way!

Mushrooms are my comfort makes. they come in all sizes and shapes and the cute faces make me happy.

The other day I tested a flower pot with a face and its been a rough week. boy, that flower pot made me so happy when I saw its face looking at me so cute like. and you can make like a million different plants to go in it.

other than that I second like the cute granny squares above. you dont even need to make a full size blanket. go for lovie size or baby blanket size. especially if its just going to be for you. something to kinda snuggle with.

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You could crotchet a scarf that might take you long. I do projects that take long to relax. You can also crotchet his favorite food!