current wips 🌱🧶✨

some of my most recent wips :yarn::sparkles: starting to make more wearable things. i’m almost done with this wrap too by cosmicccrochet and it worked up soooo fast. i think i have ~10 rows left on the sleeve and it will be done. it took me about 6-7 hours total to make it probably


Welcome to Ribblr! Ur pictures are so pretty!!!


It looks gorgeous! How do you like Caron Coconut cakes, is it soft? I’ve always wanted to try it but haven’t gone in store to feel the texture for myself :grin:


thank you!! 🫶🏻 the first time i saw the coconut cakes i honestly didn’t think i would like them. the cake on the shelf felt kinda scratchy, like it would be better for a towel or washcloth. but then i bought a couple because they went on clearance for $5 and started making this shirt with them and it’s honestly so soft. i definitely prefer it over 100% cotton. i went and bought like 6 or 7 more cakes in different colors to make some lightweight, fun tops for the summer. i would definitely go to your local michaels and pick up whatever they have left if it’s on clearance at yours as well!! i wish i could’ve gotten more of the colors but everything was mostly gone at mine


Ayy i have that same yarn! That top looks really good :grin: welcome to ribblr too btw~ i am currently making a goose bag for a test and i am so excited to finish it because it so cute :sob:


Thanks for letting me know! Definitely will when I get the chance, now I have to see all the colors they have :laughing:


thank you so much!! :pleading_face: :heart_hands: :heart_hands: