Darkness (short story)

The empty cafeteria echoes with our chatter. Finn suddenly perks up, looking around. “Did y’all hear that?”
I look at him inquisitively. “Hear what?” He doesn’t respond- too busy looking around for the source of the sound I guess. He runs down the hallway towards the far end of the school… “FINN! GET BACK HERE!” I run after him despite the protests of my friends.
I can hardly keep him in my line of sight, as he runs faster than me. I almost run into him when he stops. He’s staring leerily at the pitch black in front of us.
“Finn what the he-“ He stops me mid sentence and points ahead.
“Do you see that? That movement?”
I shake my head. “No. C’mon. We should head back. They’re probably worried about us.”
At that, he screams at the top of his lungs and is knocked to the floor by some kind of black creature. He is enveloped by the darkness. I’m too scared to scream so I just stand there, watching in terror. When he is visible again I gasp and fall to my knees. Tears sting my eyes as he lays there motionless except for the rapid up and down motion of his chest, white shirt stained red with blood.
I crawl over to him and hold his head in my lap. I hold back sobs as I brush a few stray hairs out of his face. I’ve never seen it so lifeless. His eyelids flutter open and he strains to look up at me. A smile plays on his lips before he closes his eyes again.
Footsteps thud behind us, coming nearer. I don’t bother to be afraid. Nothing compares to the fear of the body in front of me going deathly still.
“Joy.” Eddie says softly behind me. A sob escapes my lips. “Come on. Let’s go.” He motions for me to go with him but I stay firmly where I am, sobs racking through my body.
Finn goes completely motionless and I scream. “I never- never got to say goodbye.” I say through sobs.


this absolutely killed me to write. I wanted to bawl my eyes out after writing this :sob:


Bro this hit differently :skull:


woah- deep and dark:skull:


literally wrote my worst fear i mean my arachniphobia is already bad but this! I would legitamately not be okay if he died.




This is…