De-capitalising in Ribbuild

Hi Lir and Saar, I’ve noticed that when I’ve put text into Ribbuild in sentence case (the first word is capitalised), Ribblr has changed that capital letter to a lower case. It looks a bit funny where I have put several sentences in one line in Ribbuild and it de-capitalised the second sentence. I can see this on my Popcorn beanie pattern as an example.

Just wondering whether this is intentional or not? I would prefer it not to change my capitalisation.

Thanks, Abbey

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Hi @Abbeymade!
Ribbuild should not change a capital letter to a lower case. Normally a recognised abbreviation (for example sl st) will automatically show up in lower case in crafter mode. If tips mode is turned on then tips will apply to it too.
I believe this is the case with your pattern, but if it isn’t do let us know as it could be a bug.

We should hopefully support capitalization for abbreviations soon too.

Hi Saar, yes I think that’s it. It’s doing it to abbreviations that are at the start of sentences. It would be wonderful to be able to keep those ones capitalised - just from an editing point of view.
It’s upsetting my mother who is anal retentive about these kinds of things… she proofs all my work hahaha!