december 31, 2022

hi!! today is new years eve!! i wish you all a happy new year. when i joined 7/29/22, i had no idea that it would come to this. thank you all for being so welcoming. Especially @NoKittenAroundStudio @anoswaldoddity @SierraCrochets07 and a bunch of others! thank you all for:
25 patterns gifted
27 patterns released
513 pattern orders
over 1200 in wishlists
what are some things you are thankful for this year?


Wow! :clap:


I joined in March of 2022. I remember @SierraCrochets07, @NoKittenAroundStudio @Lakeviewknitter @LDSVenus @HookedByMarilyn
@OBabyNMore welcoming me, answering questions, and saying good job to my first amigurumi plushies. :wink:
I look forward to logging in every night, and actually feel a sense of responsibility to keep this space a safe place for everyone. Iā€™m so tickled people laugh at my memes and giphys.
I learned that many of us are introverts, use fiber arts as a positive coping skill in the treatment of their mental illness, are persistent to the point of stubbornness ( I will persist in learning how to do this even if it kills me! :wink:), are intelligent, are creative, have tender hearts, want to be nurtured and to nurture others in fiber arts, have a fabulous sense of humor, and have a deep sense of self initiative.
So glad to know all of you and hope for more growth in our fiber art craft, and in our relationships with each other.