Designer/Tester Feature

Hi! I think it would be cool when you are testing a pattern, instead of telling the designer the problems you find , you edit the things yourself within the pattern! Then the designer on their end can accept those edits if they like it.


I can do that as an editor for Maria. Not sure how it would work as a normal test. It would have to be somehow specified, maybe color coded to show what was changed. And definitely nothing permanent.


Hmm, this isnt a bad idea. But it might be problematic. There might not be a problem and someone decides to change it. Or the designer doesnt like how they can do that, and deny all the requests for it. I like what @HookedByMarilyn said, she mentioned that the changes could be color coded! I could see that being helpful for the designer being able to see the changes. She had also mentioned that it shouldnt be permanent. I especially love this one! The designer should be able to delete the changes they dont like.


Well yes thats what im meaning! Like color code everything as a suggestion. Incase the designer doesnt want to change it. Im not meaning it be permanent! The designer would see the suggestion and the designer can hit “accept changes” or something like that


I fully agree with this, and I think it would be an amazing addition. That said, there’s a possibility that when someone misunderstands something in a pattern they try to change it rather than bringing it up with the test group/designer–if that happens, both the designer and the tester might look for a problem that isn’t there while the issue was clarity of the instructions. I’m only raising this so we’re aware that the possibility to add suggestions might make some people stop asking questions they potentially should be asking.
Otherwise, I think it would be an amazing addition, especially if you see everyone’s changes side by side!


As a designer, I would HATE this :woman_shrugging:t3:


Hi! We are constantly improving our testing features, so feel free to share your feedback regarding this idea or make other suggestions. We’ll keep track of it!


As a designer I would much prefer the notes/changes/adaptations be suggested in the test group message and not editing directly within the pattern by any of the testers. Even my tech editor who has access to all my patterns won’t actually change anything. We use Google docs for all those notes/changes and then I go edit them.
I wouldn’t want testers to have that kind of access. The biggest worry there would be is that a tester may change something that doesn’t actually need changing, as it could just be misunderstanding instructions ect.


As a designer, I just think that testers should tell the designer this and the designer could fix it.


As a designer too, i see what you all are saying. I just suggested because sometimes we get to busy. Of course , some testers could fix things that didnt need to be but i thought it would help when there is minor things like spelling etc that we may have missed. I would hate if some tester changed the pattern that wont right. But at least maybe we could accept, if we dont accept it, it dont change anything