disability awareness space suggestion

i know that it’s wierd, but i have yet to see an app where there is a space for disabled people to spread awareness and to get to know eachother, i think that this would be a good idea so that there can be a community of like crafters, this is just a idea, but i think it would be cool


I have anxiety and social anxiety. But my brother almost had cerebral palsy when he was in my moms womb, the tests said he might have cp and autism, but the tests came back negative. Hes ok now. Hes 11.


You can create a personal space. There may even be some already. Check out this link. Personal spaces πŸ‘€ - Ribblr community


Ive seen a lot of topics about disabilities, if you want to talk about something you can go to the personal space. Ive seen people tall about chronic pain, and mental health and stuff there. Also theres a nd space for neurodivergent people

Also feel free to post topics about raising awareness. Ive seen some of those too, like recently someone posted a cancer awareness topic encouraging people to make and donate hats to hospitals

I myself am autistic and have a few mental disorders such as anxiety and social phobia, I’ve felt very welcome in this community. Ive never seen someone being made fun of or anything for talking about their problems here


Came to say this
And also check out
All The Things

We have quite a few personal spaces! and as you progress in the community and get familiar with our tools you can open more too

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