Disability Pride Month

Happy Disability Pride Month! Yeah, there is such an event that exists. I didn’t know it until last July.

As you may know or not, I have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). So to celebrate, this exclusive amigurumi plush is available on my Shopify website ‘Laura’s Crafted Collectibles’! However, it’s available for a limited time only (1/7-31/7), so please don’t miss out.

I also have a blog on that website, explaining about how I dealt with my autism in my life. Please check that out, too!

Maybe the bunny’s amigurumi pattern will be tested, but it may not be for a while, because I have other patterns to go through. Plus, it’s going to have to wear a plain coloured hoodie.


So cute. I have unilateral hearing loss in my left ear so I am really excited for disability pride month. I feel not alot of people know about it but is kind of a big deal because we have to deal with diffrent struggles every day.


This is awesome and I can somewhat relate because my cousin has ASD, and its been a struggle for him. I was also wondering what Disability Pride Amigurumis i could make this month.


Yeah, this bunny was made in advance. I’m kinda rubbish with timing my seasonal plushies, because I tend to make them too late.


Thats me in my entirety.


That’s amazing!! He’s so cute. I didn’t know that this was a thing! I have Touretts, but it’s not so bad that is really diblitating.


So adorable :heart:

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