Do we have any writers here on Ribblr?

Hey everyone! This is just a cute little space for you to share something you’ve written, do a little self promo or even talk about something you are working on! I’m just a girl with a passion for writing and I’m hoping to connect to with some lovely people who also love it! Have fun, remember to be kind and I look foward to coming bqck to read some awesome posts! :white_heart::sunflower:


I’m also a writer! Not currently working on anything in particular, but in general I tend to dabble in fantasy. I like stuff with humour, I have a lot of fun subverting tropes and playing around with words. Just generally having a good time.

What about you?


I write a lot of poetry, and inspirational messages. I intend to write a book at some point but I’m still in the story boarding/planning process! What inspires you to write @noordle ?


I like writing poetry :smiley: I’ve also started writing some books but I have yet to finish any of them :joy:

Here’s one of my poems:


That’s awesome! I find inspiration in a lot of random places, honestly. Dreams, random musings, conversations with friends, etc. And of course the books I read. I just love the art of writing, and the poetry of it all (even if I don’t write poetry myself). I like being able to just create something out of words.


That’s incredible @Mitzilovespink ! Inspiration is honestly every where, it’s woven into everything!


Here is a poem I wrote a little while back! :white_heart:

Fine doesn’t mean that this
Fragile heart is falling apart
Fine doesn’t mean that
I’m totally lost not an exit insight
Fine doesn’t mean
Nothing is ever going to change
And fine doesn’t mean
Everything’s okay
In my opinion
Fine just means there’s a little less light than I’d like
Fine just means that it’s a little bit cloudy inside
Fine just means that I’m not okay but I’m not bad either
Because fine is just the color grey, not quite black and not quite white
It just means feeling all mixed up inside but hey, that’s just fine
It’ll be alright


I love writing because it’s one of the few times I feel I let my guard down. It’s amazing to create something out of secrets, pain and emotion. Something that’s tangible and relatable! In a world where we use words all the time sometimes we forget the power that words truly have.


Absolutely! Writing can be so cathartic. Giving shape to your thoughts and feelings and laying it all out in text can be a super therapeutic process, and beautiful too.



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I love this! Especially the part where you say “Because fine is just the color grey”


Thank you so much!!! That’s one of my favorite lines as well!!!