Do you hire tech edit ?

Hey guys. I recently came across with the term tech editor. Do you a hire tech editor before publishing pattern?


I don’t use a tech editor. I don’t have a pattern in my shop yet, but I’m about to release one. I don’t think you’d need to use one, but if you’d like i see no reason why not to.


I’ve had one editor for one of my pattern, didn’t ask for it, but they wanted to test the pattern and could not at that time. So i’ve “hire” them as editor instead of tester :slight_smile:


I don’t, I just test normally and try to make it as clear as possible. 8/10 a tester picks up the same queues as a tech editor. I’ve only had crochet friends use tech editors when publishing a book that needed to be all completely the same “type” of pattern and wording.


You dont really need to "hire " a tech editor to edit your patterns before publishing. You can have your testers look out for any mistakes etc but sometimes it is good to have a tech because sometimes it can be useful for some designers. I have previous experiences being a tech editor for some designers. They dont pay me though, I just apply when the testing post is posted & Im gifted the pattern after I send the designer my notes for making the pattern better (grammer, suggestions). I think its personal preference to wether or not youd like one or not or youd like one for certain patterns :))


I don’t, I design mainly amigurumi though (I would if I would design garments) and I also love math. I also have a background as a teacher so I’m very good at finding typos etc, but of course I’m only human. I do use 3-5 pattern testers per pattern and they help me find typos and other odd things that I’ve missed.

At the end it’s a personal preference. :smiling_face:


I personally prefer that patterns, especially for garments, be tested first AND tech edited before I will buy them. Especially if I have no prior experience with the designer. Especially when they charge more than $7 for the pattern

Tech editing is a different skill set than being a tester. Tech editors can pick up errors testers might miss. And visa versa

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Hi everyone! Thank you for your opinions. Generally, I can conclude that tech editor is worth hiring if we are publishing pattern in magazines, and when we design garment. I tend to agree that tech editor are really needed when design garment and worth to sell at higher pricing point.

Anyway thank you so much for replying!