Does anyone have tips?

I am quickly loosing motivation to finish my little sisters christmas present. How do yall stay motivated? I NEED tips.


Just do it while watching your favoriete show on the background. I also like to switch projects :slight_smile:


Watching something greatly helps.
Also remember that gifting people something handmade shows that you really care to take your time to make them something very special and one of a kind :grin:


I love putting on a YouTube video or listening to an audiobook, and getting lost in it while I crochet. Makes time go by super fast and helps me to finish without going totally brain dead! :slight_smile:

Switching projects, listening to good music or watching videos in the background, calling a friend, making sure i balance crochet and other stuff!!


Sometimes I take breaks in between crocheting if I’m having trouble keeping a long enough attention span to last an entire project, and look at patterns and makes here on Ribblr. It almost always gives me motivation to keep going. I also like to keep in mind how happy people always are when they get a cute little handmade gift!

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I listen to upbeat music and try to match the beat per stitch

if that makes any sense whatsoever


When i lose motivation i mostly watch crochet compilations and that is why i have so many unfinished crochet projects… get too many ideas at once :joy:

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Think about how happy it will make her feel :blush:


That’s so fun I love doing that!

What is it that you are making for her?

A bright heart plushie

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