Done testing

Is there a way to move patterns from testing when done? Or can only the pattern maker do that?


To remove yourself from testing, you would click the top left button on the pattern image in the testing tab, however you will not receive a karma that is only done when a designer clicks the gift and remove option. I highly recommend waiting and if it still remains in the testing tab, check in with the designer to see when they’ll be gifting and removing (often times they may be waiting on the release day) :smile:


If the pattern designer didn’t give you the karma, I would message them, sometimes they forgot (I do sometimes but I re-check) and if they don’t ever respond, I would just remove yourself from the test.


i recommend you wait for the pattern maker to do it. if you remove yourself , you dont get karma and you dont get to keep the pattern. Sometimes the pattern maker waits for everyone to finish before gifting the pattern. If its past their due date and they didnt do it yet, you can message them as a reminder.

unfortunately, sometimes the designer ghosts their testers, so If they dont respond, you can remove yourself if you dont want the pattern