Editing row number

I have uploaded two patterns but yet to publish because I am having issues with row numbers for both patterns, I can’t edit the row/ round numbers.
One pattern is a shawl, so its free size.
The cowl and headband pattern has options for sizes for the latter.
The headband comes in four sizes and although I was able to add these the instructions did not highlight the different st counts for the sizes in the written instructions…
Do you have any tips for me?

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Hi @YarntalesbyKarla and welcome to the community :purple_heart:

I’m sorry you’re having some issues, let’s see if I can help!
Regarding the row/round number, this is a known bug that we fixed and it’s going to be released in the next update, but if you could still give me the details of device and browser that you are using, it will be very helpful to us.

Regarding the sizes issue, I had a look in your pattern and I noticed that when you write the instructions for sizes, you don’t use the same writing style as you entered in the cover page. Our system is matching the style you input in the beginning, and recognizes it throughout your pattern, so if you want your sizes to be highlighted you will need to write them the same way. eg: S (M, L, XL) = 20 ( 22, 24, 26) sts.
Hope that makes sense!

I also noticed that you added some youtube links in the instructions - for that, you can just add them in the camera icon by right-clicking it, and pasting your link there. That way crafters can view the video from within the pattern.

Let me know if you need anything else, I’m here to help!
Lir :purple_heart:

Hi Karla @YarntalesbyKarla
Just wanted t say- we’ve released the bug fix a few days ago. Let us know if you’re still experiencing any issues!