Elephant Toads Amigurumi Pattern Release

Hi, guys! I’m happy to announce that my first amigurumi pattern of this year has been uploaded. Two, actually–Elephant Toadette and the yellow and blue Elephant Toads (2 colours in 1).

There was barely anything different about the two toads…I just had to leave out the skirt and the hair strands. In fact, they’re almost exactly the same, just different colours.

The 2 patterns have been uploaded on my Shopify website, too. However, they’re slightly more expensive, because they come as personalised PDF files, including felt templates I digitally created. Also, they include the U.K. abbreviations, in which you can’t change, I’m afraid.

Anyway, thank you @LievenstrooCrochet, @MadyDM and @noe929 for trying out my Elephant Toadette amigurumi pattern. I understand that some of you may have been unable to complete the project in time, but I couldn’t postpone the deadline any further. Sorry!

My next amigurumi pattern tester call will take place next Monday, 15th January. Also, one question. How often should I do pattern tester calls? Once a month?


I really enjoyed to make this one. I’m looking out for Monday what the project will be. Here is my elephant toad


Congrats on your release, its adorable! Also i think every month is a good time span for testing!


Congrats on your pattern release :smile: as for how many as long as it doesn’t become spam anytime you need it :smile:


I’m so glad you decided to make a pattern! They look great! :grin: