Etsy tips

Hi, can anyone give me any tips for selling on etsy? I just opened my etsy shop and I only have 3 crochet patterns listed so far. I only sold two patterns. I advertise my patterns on Facebook but I only get likes and comments, no sales. I feel so discouraged. I feel like nobody likes my pattern designs. I see how successful some people are, and I wish I could be successful. But Im not getting any sales on my patterns, even though I worked so hard on them.


I think it’s like on social media, we only see the successfull people when we make a research, and there are thousands of people who don’t get any views, but we just don’t see them. I don’t really have tips, because it is the same for me on Etsy, and it is a bit better on Ribblr, but I mostly get excited when I put my patterns to test and people are interested to make them. That’s what encourages me. If you want more attention on your shop, maybe try many different social media, instagram, tiktok, pinterest, youtube, or whatever else. People who crochet seem to use instagram alot. There is also advertising on etsy, but I never tried it, so I don’t know if it works. There are videos you can watch about how to sell on etsy. I think you mainly have to be patient, try to grow a community on social medias, even if it takes years, and maybe one day you’ll get successfull.


Thank you