Explaining patterns

As a designer, do you find it easy to explain to other people how to execute your pattern/s?

I remember when I first started writing my patterns in long hand, I never used abbreviations, because my targeted audience was perfect beginner knitters (and crocheters - I do both crafts among others!) and for me, I put myself in their place and remembered how confused I was trying to remember each abbreviation. I often ended up rewriting the pattern in long form without the abbreviations to help!

How do you explain your patterns? Do you use abbreviations in your native language and then the UK or US terms in brackets? I would be interested to hear your thoughts……


That’s a great question.

I’m not a designer, but I can say that when you use our tool Ribbuild it eliminates many of these questions simply because of features like the auto translator - that allows you to just use your native language and still reach crafters from other places. Or the video tutorial for stitches so you won’t have explain anything but special stitches.

I hope that helps! :grinning:


As a designer I do use abbreviations as I think it’s important to write patterns in my style. I think the patterns I write can be great for beginner knitters with some help and having the abbreviations may challenge them but when it comes to knitting more difficult pattern they won’t struggle as much with abbreviations. I also just include a little note in my pattern saying it’s written in US terms.


That’s great you specify it’s written in US terms. :grinning: I remember being so confused when I found out there was US vs UK.

I also like to add legend at the beginning of the pattern to say what each abbreviation mean ( sc = single crochet ).

Love that Ribblr has this feature automated, they take out so much confusion!


I still get confused with some of the UK terms :joy: I also include an abbreviations section in the pattern to explain what each one means incase someone doesn’t know as sometimes special stitches will get an it’s own abbreviation and I try not to make it to confusing for anyone.


Lol :laughing: Yeah that’s awesome, it makes such a difference!