Background: My husband has a really cool job of building specialty concrete structures like zoo and aquarium exhibits, roller coaster rides, etc. He built Disney’s “Star Wars/Galaxies Edge” theme park for instance. We move all over the US constantly for his work. I’m okay with that. We were just asked to relocate to New Mexico for an exhibit build here. The night we arrived, our trailer was stolen. We lost everything. It’s been a nerve wracking few days…I’m still sticking with my crochet business, albeit this is a serious setback.

This is from my blog post this morning:

Views from the Road and Fellow Wand Weavers…
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thank You for your notes and messages.
I haven’t responded yet, because I honestly don’t know what to say.
Truth be told?
I’m still numb from the shock of the trailer being stolen.

…and then I have these moments where the shock fades
and I’m physically hit hard,
like an unexpected belly punch from life.

I feel like I’m gasping for air
and there is none
because I simply can’t breathe.


We didn’t have much to start with,
as we had “minimalized” our existence to just what we needed.
But what little we had was exactly that: NEEDED.

Matt’s tools, safety belts, harnesses, boots, gloves, work gear…
all my crochet for this little side business…
and what we needed to start and end each day.
Not much,
but what we NEEDED to exist and care for ourselves.

I wake and the day feels heavy before I even get my eyes open.
All I can do is move forward…
“stuff is stuff” and all that.

This situation has shaken my trust in the world too.

I don’t want to “go see” the Carlsbad Caverns now because I’m afraid the Jeep will be stolen. I don’t want to go the Thrift store to get clothes because I see that there are over two dozen thrift stores in this section of Albuquerque alone, and that reminds me that stuff is stolen here constantly. I’m afraid of being mugged in the parking lot. I’m afraid of coming out of the store and not having the car sitting there. I won’t take Dexter out to pee at night without one of the Boyz with me because I am being warned repeatedly about being raped. It’s a real thing here, and constant. Of course, then I worry about something happening to the Boyz if they were “protecting” me. We see someone in the dark corner of the parking lot? We turn around to avoid being too close to anyone unknown.
Everyone keeps reminding me to be careful, it’s not safe.
EVERYONE has been the victim of a crime here.

I met someone in the lobby yesterday who had her car stolen, and it was “new”…with payments and all that. She lost her job because she couldn’t get to work, and that led to…yeah.

The clerk at the hotel desk told me this morning that his car was broken into as well. Right here, same parking lot. I hadn’t even had my coffee yet and he’s warning to not go out at night alone. Be careful during the day too, but never at night. It’s not safe.

Everyone I meet has been the victim of some sort of major theft, often leaving them in a serious situation.

A lady at Walmart told me her family went to a local event (with security in the parking lot), and all four tires were taken.
I mean: how do you recover quickly from something like that?

The worst part is that I keep hearing how lucky we were that there was no violence involved.
They “just took the trailer”.

Yea us.
I’m shaking.

I’m still doing that gasping thing that you do when you’re hit unexpectedly in the gut. Making that wretched sound one does when they are straining for air.

And that’s exactly what it feels like.

We have to get ID’s/Drivers Licenses here.
Dante’s ID was stolen, and my drivers license had to expire in Utah.
Utah wouldn’t accept my application for a Driver’s License renewal unless I had a lease/rental agreement.

Now, I hear that it’s the same thing here in NM.

I have to contact a homeless shelter and sign up to meet with a Social Worker and declare that we are homeless.
It doesn’t matter that my hubs company provides housing as part of his employment contract. The government will not recognize us without a lease or rental agreement and a utility bill in our name(s).

The kicker?
No ID? The Boyz can’t get work.
No rental/lease agreement? No utility bill in their names? No ID.

Everything is connected.

I’ve been on the phone constantly since this nightmare began.
…non stop phone calls involving being put on hold, telling “the story” over and over again, being transferred to the “Fraud Department”, and then answering the incredible amount of questions in order to “prove my identity”.

The Bank required us both to be present. For several HOURS after Matt got home from a full day of work…verifying who we are, and securing all our affairs. Fortunately, we could do it “over the phone”. Still: 8 hours total to just handle our bank account.

The worst question?
“What was your address in such-in-such year?”
Dude…we’ve moved 23 times in 10 years. Let me look it up…
oh yeah (insert gut punch here)…
THAT information is in my little red “everything” book

The extended warranty for repairs on the Jeep? Stolen.
ALL my account names, numbers and passwords for the Wand Weaver? Stolen.
My tax ID information with the IRS? Stolen.
ALL my crochet? Stolen.

I just finished a design that I had not yet photographed. I had tested and rewritten the pattern so many times, it was now PERFECT.

I can try to recreate it from memory.
My hooks are gone.
My yarn is gone.
I don’t have anything.

Qtips? Stolen.
Tylenol? Stolen.
Cheese Grater? Stolen.
Cutting board? Stolen.
Knife? Stolen.

I didn’t have much, but what I had, I needed.

I have the yoga pants and black fuzzy muck boots I was wearing on the road trip here.
Everything was stolen.

I’m trying to find the positive.
Here’s all I can come up with this morning:

I was wearing this coat on the road trip…

…and then I’m reminded that all of Dexter’s Dawg coats
…the ones he wears,
and the ones for sale
were in the trailer.

So that’s another positive.
I still have Dexter Dawg.

Thanks for listening…


I’m so sorry that has happened to you, I can’t even imagine how tough it must be, I hope you can get the ID stuff fixed soon without any more trouble, and I hope it’ll be okay :heart:

I’m sorry if this sounds a little stupid but I wanna wish all of you a lot of good luck going through this


omg im so sorry I wish I could help but we are so far away Ill pray for you. lets hope every thing works out.


How awful. We had a business back in the day, and were broken into one night. The back door was slightly ajar when I got there. Waited for my Jerry before going in. But, I felt nervous, scared, something, every time I went through that door for months. :frowning: It did get better, but it wasn’t easy.

Your warnings are good to heed. So sorry. We will pray for you as that is the only way we get through these things. May you find joy in the little things. Marilyn


It’s like hell on earth. you have my utmost empathy, iI lost my ID and it was a nightmare on a loop trying to get that addressed.
I’m so sorry hon.


I’m so sorry this happened to you! That is terrible :broken_heart:


So sorry this happened! I hope you are able to sort things out quickly. :crossed_fingers:


So sorry to hear about the nightmare you’re going through! I hope things get resolved quickly!


I can’t imagine, I am so sorry for you and I really hope you are able to get all the important paperwork back. I don’t really know what to say other then sorry and good luck :cry:


check with the chamber of commerce and ask them if there are any city agencies or church groups that can help you with that maze to get things sorted out. once that is done the anxiety will subside some, tho it will be with you for a while. Can your husband’s company help with the housing at all? please live across the Rio Grande river tho. Taylor Ranch or Paradise Hills area, those suburb areas were safer when I lived in Albuquerque. Paradise Hills is close to a high school and has an elementary school, the middle school was on the other side of the river so they were bussed, but maybe they have one on that side of the river now. Do you have a paypal acct that someone could send money too, or could you start a “go fund me” acct for that for help getting back on your feet? I assume you need a checking account for those?


Is there a way to set up an Amazon wishlist for everything stolen to a post office P.O. Box? At least for your essentials (including yarn to remake dexters dog sweater)


I unfortunately, have no words… But I will pray for a quick and easy resolution, as well as peace for you and your family… :hugs::hugs:


Awww…you’re sweet.
but I feel weird doing that.

This whole thing feels wretched.

I did get my hooks ordered this morning,
and hubs crew members sent a couple of gift cards to me (they felt terrible as it turns out they’ve been following my little crochet business for a bit, I just didn’t know…)

We’ll get thru this,
it just:


Could’ve been a car accident, or worse: a work accident (hubs has had a few scary ones).
Could’ve been the car itself.
Hubs could’ve lost his job.

So many things “could’ve been worse”.
I am looking forward to this weekend.

Hubs brought me home 2 skeins,
and I’m starting to feel the crojo again.

That was the hardest part.
I felt like they stole my crojo too.



Thank you…
I got the bank account closed and a new one opened, etc.

it’s been a few days, that’s for sure.

Fortunately, we will only be here for a few months…
once the job is done, we’ll move on to the next location.

And: we’ll have a lot less to “move”.

We are thinking of getting a hard carrier for the top of the Jeep and another for the tail gate and foregoing UHaul trailers altogether.

They changed the connection on the trailer hitch for this last move, and guess what?

We’ve moved 23 times in 10 years,
spent an entire year in Detriot,
went thru the 2020 Riots in Portland,
and didn’t get hit like this.

New Mexico of all places.
Turns out the crime is the very worse here…

(Out of the entire US: New Mexico is in the top 1 to 3% of most likely to be a victim of crime. Switch those numbers around: 98% of the US is SAFER than the 10 major cities in NM!!)


I started the “Go Fund” me…
Of course, I’ve never done this before, so I’m not sure where to go from here?

This is the link:


I started a “Go Fund Me” page,
it’s gonna take a bit to recover from this.

I’m not sure exactly what to do with this, other than “spread it around”.
Could you share the link in your corners of the world?



ugh I just feel so bad for you! My heart goes out to your whole family and I will definitely be praying for you! I will ask my mother if we could donate too! When my family was moving we were moving from a neighborhood that had some not so friendly neighbors. We took our dogs with us one night to the new house because the next day we were going to get everything over to the new house. We left clothes, all of my dads garden tools (lawn mowers, weeders) we left files taxes, I did 4-H and we left my 4-H donations and in a black box that held ALL of our personal information! ALL OF IT! We came back the next morning to our side gate wide open and the back door was broken in! THEY TOOK SO MUCH! They took my dad’s garden stuff, they took piggy banks, they took our little black box that had EVERYTHING in it! For months we would get letters in the mail for new bank accounts in my dad’s name! The people that stole everything were trying to make checks from our bank accounts to themselves! It was scary because I thought about what if we never had our dogs! People have tried to break in before too! But our dogs stopped them ! (We have a crazy Chihuahua and a Rottweiler) !!

I am praying for you and I hope that you get things worked out! Remember you are never homeless you always have a home!


I donated anonymously (I hate my name being out in public ;)) , wish I could donate more. Put your go fund me info on your Facebook, I’m sure the friends you’ve made along the way would like to help too.

Not all of NM is awful, most of my life in NM was in smaller towns in southern NM, but Albuquerque was an eye opener, even in the 80’s. A lot of the southwest has crime issues, parts of AZ, and a lot of southern CA are not really any better.


Have you posted about it on all of your social medias?


Thank you…