Extra comma being added to sizing

I’m uploading my catalog of sock patterns to the Ribblr platform, but am running into a slight formatting issue.

My patterns include multiple sizes, and the platform does an awesome job indicating each size, with the exception of the blub about how long the person is to knit the sock to account for the heel. It seems to mangle the measurements and turns 1.5 [1.5, 1.75, 2]” less into 1.5 [1.5, 1.75, 2,]” less, adding an extra comma, which makes it look sloppy and like there’s a missing number and may confuse knitters (particularly new knitters) into thinking there’s additional size and missing number.

It doesn’t do this in the editing mode itself, but just on the front end of what the knitter would see.

Is there any way to remedy this?


Thanks for the message. We’re going to investigate this further and get back to you shortly. :relaxed:

Edit: Could you kindly mention that name of the pattern or send us a private message?