Faster way to add commenter in to tester.


Is there a faster way to add commenter to tester? Im having a hard time memorizing name. :sweat_smile:

Or maybe we could add an option in the comments “add as tester”.

I hope you could help me.


Hello! I have only been a tester rather than a person in charge of testing when it comes to patterns, but I have found that all of the designers that I have worked with so far have just messaged the tester! I also know that some designers follow testers, so that they can keep up with their journals and such, but doing that may make it easier to privately message them! As I said, I have only been on one side of the testing process, so it may be a bit different for you than what I know, but hopefully that helps! Regardless, I wish you luck with your troubles and hope that you find a better way that works for you!:heart:

If you still need help, you can always message @ribblr!


Thank you! This is a great help. :blush: I will message them.


Of course! I’m glad to help!:wink: