Feedback on a poem!

Hello people, I would just like a feedback on a poem I wrote some time ago. And at the same time shamelessly promote my shop :heart_eyes: Unique patterns | Quackycrochet | Ribblr
Anyway, here it is:
Breaking my walls with a smile of yours

Always making me want more

Pulled me under like a drug

All my heartstrings you’ve tugged

With those two angelic eyes

Who wouldn’t be on cloud nine?

But you chose me as your centre of attention

Something I’ve yet to decipher the reason

Showered me with love and care

You can’t even bear the weight of my stare

It all felt like a beautiful, perfect dream

But then I wonder, if your feelings are genuine

I just can’t shake off this feeling of anxiety

A tiny seed of doubt has been planted in me

I fear it might grow into something more

Something that might break me to the core

I’ve learnt that good things are only temporary

It’s the aftermath that sticks to me so easily

I can’t take you for granted

For you’re a rare gift that has turned sacred

So while you’re all I see, even when I sleep

I’ll take a step back before I’m in too deep

I’ll stop myself from being a hopeless fool

For I know that you’re too good to be true

Thanks for reading til here! :heart_hands:


omg this is beautiful :face_holding_back_tears: i love it <3 so many feelings so clearly captured. amazing job!

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Tysm!! :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

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